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Stephanie Borg is a senior registered nurse and a holistic and beauty therapist. She is qualified in aesthetics and several other complementary therapies that are ideal for different purposes. The fact that she has additional experience within the medical field adds on to her knowledge to help treat several medical conditions and it helps her to understand better what her clients need.


She combines the ancient art of massage and the modern knowledge of anatomy and physiology to create a therapeutic experience in order to promote holistic therapies above all else.

Restoring your natural beauty

Stephanie also provides beauty treatments that are designed to restore your natural beauty. Through a selection of beauty and complementary therapies, she can select the perfect therapy that will help a person escape from the daily trappings that often weigh on the shoulders, the treatment will help soothe mind, body and spirit.


She believes that mind and body are not separate at all, in fact she believes that what affects one will affect the other and thus she will discern what might be troubling you as well as what might be hurting and then she will find the right solution for you.


She will create a customised holistic and therapeutic treatment that will enhance your overall sense of well being for optimum physical and mental health.

Feeling comfortable is the first step

Stephanie will make sure that first of all you are comfortable enough within her premises to finally start to take your first steps towards healing yourself. She carries out all treatments to a high standard and ensures client confidentiality. Moreover, she keeps abreast with current knowledge breakthroughs through ongoing courses and reflective practice.

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